Well hello there!

My name is Sophia Swindell and I am the owner of Sophia's Take!

I am 22-years old and currently a senior at Sam Houston State university getting my degree in elementary education and special education. I have a huge passion for children and on the side I love to record and edit almost everything I can. 

I have been making and editing videos for as long as I can remember. Mainly for the sole purpose of personal use but the time has come to expand my love for videography. 

I started out making music videos as a pre-teen and uploading them to YouTube (thank goodness those are no where to be found). I then ventured into recording everything going on in my life and making compilations of vacations and life events.

Sophia's Take came around when I unintentionally became my oldest sisters wedding videographer. I had no idea that the video I filmed and edited just the next day would be the the only video from her special day. Being the Maid of Honor I wasn't able to capture the ceremony but I got everything else. I ended up getting so many amazing responses I just took the leap and decided to start my own affordable videography business! 

I specialize in wedding videography but can do so much more!