How many videographers will be filming at my wedding?

I am a one-woman team for now. I am a very independent person when it comes to videography but can easily multitask when it comes down to it.

How would you describe your production style (documentary, cinematic, vintage)? Is your shooting approach direct or more journalistic?

I would describe my production style as cinematic. For me, music is the inspiration to my videos and how I edit them. I will hear a song for the first time and see the whole video play out in my head before it even happens. I like to get shots of the venue area and candid shots of the bride and groom before that big moment. Getting shots of the couple after the ceremony is the most beautiful time to capture that cinematic feel. It’s the time where they are finally one and the happiness is just glowing off the two of them.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! I currently offer discounts to: Military, Teachers, Veteran and First Responders.

Are you LGBTQ friendly?

Why wouldn’t I be?! LOVE is LOVE.

Do you charge hourly?

I have 3 packages that are based on hours on site. Typically, if I am there a little longer I will not charge. If I do end up needing to stay longer then a $50/hr fee will be charged the next day.

There is a 6 hour, 8 hour and 10 hour package option available for you to choose from. To see my packages, click on the investment tab above.

If you just want the ceremony, there is a ceremony option for you to choose from that is under $1K and budget friendly! I am there 1 hour before the ceremony up to 1 hour after.

What parts of the wedding day do you film?

Depending on what package you decide is best for your wedding day, I can capture before the ceremony, the ceremony itself and the reception along with the “send off”.

What kind of camera equipment do you use? How do you capture audio throughout the wedding day?

I primarily use a Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera along with a Nikon DSLR for other angles. I will have a tripod to capture those moments that need to stay absolutely still. I capture audio by using a lapel wireless microphone that the groom can wear hidden to capture both the audio of the groom and bride.

How do you handle music for the wedding film?

This is my favorite question! Music is the biggest inspiration and what will make your video tell a story. Besides the beautiful couple, the music in your film will be a reason a tear may be shed. 

I get all our music from Soundstripe for licensing reasons. If you want to have input on the music, you are free to visit their website and spend endless amount of hours searching for songs.  There are thousands of songs on each one.  Give me some options that you like, and we will pick the one we feel fits your footage the best.  Otherwise, I will just pick the song as we normally do.

Some songs just don’t fit in a certain situations so trusting my own judgement is vital to making your video one to remember forever. 

When can I expect to see my wedding video?

Editing is my favorite thing to do! I have finished huge projects just the next day and they turn out beautifully. But, I am a full-time college student as well so in the school months, editing will be a little slower than usual. I will get it to you delivered in a timely manner just like I would want done for me. I mean, it’s hard enough you had to wait so long for your wedding day! When you sign your contract, I am promising you a video between 2 weeks-4 months and that promise will be kept. 

I want you to be happy and satisfied with the finished product. But, even if I do edit and finish in just 2 days, doesn’t mean I just quickly did it to get it over with. I have mastered how to edit and am very precise on how it is done. I promise you that you will love the final product whether you receive it the day after for 4-months after!

Remember, it is more than just adding videos and putting them together. It’s all about telling a story, finding the right music if not already done ahead of time, color-corrections and processing time. A happy bride and groom is my main goal!

Fun note: I will always post a fun short teaser trailer of your big day 1-3 days after! 

What forms of payment do you take?

As of now, all payments will be done securely through pay-pal through my invoicing system.

I also accept Venmo if need be

Payment plans will be made prior to booking and there are NO hidden fees or extra charges. You will know exactly how much you are paying before booking. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can pay in full and get it over with whenever you please as long as it is all paid for 30-days prior to wedding date. The $150 non-refundable deposit is due day of booking as soon you sign your contract. 

Or, you can pay in separate payments after booking if that helps you. We would divide your total amount by how ever many months you’d like, as long as it is all paid for 30-days prior to the weddings date. 

If you for any reason need to cancel before the 30-days then you will get a FULL refund on all payments (excluding the non-refundable $150 deposit).  

If you cancel for any reason (excluding certain reasons like military and others that can be found in contract upon signing) after those 30-days leading up to date, then any payments received will not be refunded. 

Can I make changes to my edited video?

I would love your feed-back! If you would like, I will send the final video to you once we are done and if there is something you like to take out or touch on I will see what we can do but nothing is promised. Once done, or if you trust in me to provide you with a perfect video, I will get on to processing your final video and get it to you ASAP!

Where are you based out of? Do you travel?

Sophia’s Take is based in Texas in the Houston and surrounding areas.

I am totally up to traveling. I mean, who wouldn't?! A discount will be made available for you.

Do you charge a traveling fee?

In some cases there is a traveling fee depending on where I will be the time of your wedding. A small fee will be made if you venue is more than 30-minutes from my location. If you are based in any other city other than Houston or Austin, you will be charged a hotel fee. The hotel can be a cheap motel near by!

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